Tuesday, November 6


LCD and plasma televisions are prolifirating the market fast. At first, the price is not really pocket-friendly but as more and more brands are introduced, it eventually went down... it has now become very affordable that the middle-class or lower-class Jane and Joe can have one or two or three. Not us though. We still use the old and reliable tube that MCJ got more than 10 years ago. :)

How about you? What type of telly do you own? If you plasma or lcd, you may consider mounting it to the wall to create more space especially if you're living in a suburban flat or unit that more space is pleasant. There are available plasma wall brackets available now in the market or you can order online. Dekomount.com has a price drop for Christmas for several products and has a flat rate fast next day delivery within their range. But if you're living in London you can pick-up your product the same day you ordered it. And an 18 months warranty is provided.

Sounds good offer and the idea of mounting heavy objects on wall is surprising for me but I know that it is possible. Might consider this in the future when our old friend die of old age. :)