Tuesday, November 27

Experience Reverse Auction

Heard of reverse-auction? Obviously it is the reverse of the usual auction that we know in terms of the amount of bid. In the usual auction, an item is sold to the person with the highest bid, in reverse-auction, the item is sold to the person with the lowest unique bid. You might say, geezz, that's easy for the part of the bidder. Not at all, because the amount should be unique from the other bidders. You might be the lowest bidder but if there are other bidders that bid with the same amount as you, you're out of the negotiation. So it wasn't easy at all. It sort of like working on luck.

Anyway, bid4prize works like a reverse-auction plus more. It is text based reverse-auction game, where the lowest unique bid will win the prize. There are lots of prizes including cash prize. It caters to the kid in most of us, playing and winning.

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