Friday, November 9

Vacuum It!

When I came back here last year, I've noticed that we got a new vacuum cleaner. MIL bought it for us, soo good of her. We got a vacuum cleaner but it is stuck in the office and I don't really like using it because it is heavier especially if the bag is full. The vacuum that MIL was bagless, makes it very convenient to clean and use. No more mess and clutter when you try to empty the rubbish container, it is only like emptying a rubbish bin, just tip it over. I stopped using the vacuum cleaner when I was pregnant and up til now that we have Baby Ian. When I was pregnant, I was scared that the noise created when I use the vacuum will affect the hearing of my baby inside me especially during the state where his hearing sense is developing. Now that he's out of my belly, I don't want to disturb his sleep - that's the only time (most of the time) that I can do some cleaning.

Recently, MIL told me that her vacuum cleaner stuffed up. I wanted to give the vacuum that she gave to us back to her but apparently, she had found the vacuum cleaner parts in the shop that will make hers back to operation. So now, our vacuum cleaner is on hiatus - until Baby Ian can tolerate the noise maybe.