Sunday, November 4


Mitch and Mich want to know what are the three things that I can't live without (apart from the basics, of course). Here they are girl:

A bottle of milk or my calcium supplement. I had backpains when I was pregnant, though it went away after giving birth, the pain came back and it intensifies, blame it to carrying a baby for most of the times especially if Baby Ian is being fussy. Also, after giving birth.. I always feel my bones have become weak that when I've seated for so long, I feel pain just to stand up and walk. It is more on the ankle. And most of all, calcium is essential to Baby Ian's growth and he can only get it from me. I should have enough for the both of us else, he'll get my calcium deposits in my bone.

I have a very long hair, past my waist line and it is important for me that it is smooth and shiny, otherwise I would have short hair then. Actually, it had been damaged by the dry winter weather that I have to use conditioner (and shampoo) that would repair the damage. This is the brand that I recently use. Inspired by Eva Longoria ad. lol. But so far so good, it was not a false advertising afterall.

I am short-sighted so I need a pair of glasses when going shopping, watching telly/movie, etc. (ignore the mobile phone and watch in the photo, it's an old one). I don't need them all the time but viewing from afar would be a waste of time without them.

Anybody who wants to do this tag? Feel free to do it! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doin' the tag!