Monday, November 5

Be Faithful or Else?!

I've been blogging for moolah and never find an opp as funny as this that I have to write about it. You see, there's an unfaithful husband who bought himself a really good car but put it in the name of his wife. What his reason could be? I'm not sure but to speculate, maybe to show to his wife how much he loves her, that everything he owns is hers? :) Anyway, he was caught cheating and now the wife is selling the car for 50% less than the original cost. Well, it's hers. But before doing that, she poured paint on it. She might really be very furious to him. Who's wife that won't be?

And she registered the car for sale in this site in UK that sells used cars and new cars, and only charge 4.95 pounds until the car is sold.

The car is running alright and has no damage except for the paint, which a Jaguar dealer said can be removed relatively cheaply but at the buyer's cost.

So men, beware of a woman scorned. MCJ would never imagine cheating as I can do worst than that even if the car is not in my name YET! Oh, he just loves me sooo much that's why! :)