Thursday, November 1

The Search for a Wife

There is this latest show in telly that I am looking forward to watch on Wed night. It's a real dating program. It's not new but the scheme is something that's peculiar.

There is a shortage of women in the bush and there are more than enough in the city. The telly channel searched for farmers who want a wife. The profiles of the farmers were posted in the net and women sent applications. Each farmer would choose ten "applicants" and they're going to meet.

First meeting was a five minutes speed dating with each woman. It was their first time to meet. Some felt and look awkward... some were just into it that they easily fit in, I would say.

I think, I was more excited than the "applicants" and the farmers.

At the end of the first meeting, each farmer chose 5 among ten women for another date. This time it would be whereever the farmer wants to date. It was last night. One went for a cruise, one a tour of the vineyard, another dancing lesson, one lunch in a fine restaurant, one ice skating and another in a spa. At the end, the farmers chose two women that will stay at their farm for two weeks. I think, that's where the excitement and thrill would go to extreme. And I am really looking forward to it. Can't wait for next week.

Meet the farmers.:

Farmer Chris
Age 34, Tamworth, NSW
A shy, country gentleman
"You get a long way in life with a smile and a friend, someone who can laugh at themselves."

Farmer Craig
Age 27, West Wyalong, NSW
Dinky-di farmer
"I am looking for a girl that would be with me for the right reason; start a new life and then see where we would end up."

Farmer Drew
Age 32, Mudgee, NSW
Laid-back larrikin
"I have a cheeky nature... the lovable brat. There is never a dull moment in my life."

Farmer Gus
Age 32, Warren, NSW
Cool and confident
"I come from a close and happy family and firmly believe this has made me the happy confident person I am today."

Farmer Jon
Age 28, Deniliquin, NSW
Commitment '07 - bring it on!
"I hope to find a person with an easy going nature to share the good and bad times together."

Farmer Brad
Age 30, Swan Hill, VIC
A sensitive new-age farmer
"Really I'd like to settle down with a woman who's ready and wants to share her journey with me."


dangkin said...

wow! that's very interesting! he.he.he. there's a show here too that's called 'the bachelor' :-) i don't get to watch every episode of it but my officemates talks about it at work a lot! and i just kind of laugh at how the show goes =)