Thursday, November 1

Old and Happy or Otherwise?

As the human body ages, come the deterioration or degradation or depreciation. Sounds like financial assets, eh! :) Seriously, when you get older you got wrinkles, flabby thighs and arms, deeper laugh lines, receeding hair lines or hair loss, saggy breasts, and what-have-you's. Aging may make some look handsome, beautiful, matured and dignified but more often, they just simply make you look older and hey, some are not happy about it. So they succomb to the lure of cosmetic surgery which in this age and time, I think is the most profitable or bankable kind of medical profession. There is the botox, face lift, breast implant, lipo-suction, hair transplant, etc. These most certainly attract those who are well off and can afford the exorbitant cost of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a very remarkable development in science and medicine but doesn't always mean that the result would be good for the patients. I've seen in the news lately that cosmetic surgery can cause severe effect on ones appearance. Instead of making you look beautiful or younger, it can make looks otherwise. I reckon, it always pays-off to do some research before jumping into the wagon.