Tuesday, November 6

Updates on Baby Ian

It's been a long while that I haven't written something about our Big Guy. It's not that nothing is happening, actually he showed new tricks and stunts everyday, only that I forgot about it. Been busy in pro-blogging, doing tags and memes, I guess. :)

Anyway, these milestones are common for every baby but Baby Ian is special. Hahaha!

***He is now teething.
Three weeks ago, he had been so fussy in the afternoon until his bedtime. Just wanted to eat, to be cuddled or move around. Good thing we bought a teething gel and baby paracetamol before, they were handy in these times. I rubbed some gel to his gums and gave him paracetamol.. only then he settled down and went to sleep. Then he has this new face, biting or chewing his lower lip.. like an old man - makes his Nanna laugh. Lately, he his pushing his tongue to his lower gum and at the same time dribbling. :) I know, this is just the start. There would really be big sleepless nights when the teeth come out.

***He can now roll-over and crawl.
The first rolling over from lying on his back to his tummy by himself happened three days ago. Then while on his tummy, he crawled just a few inches. Two days prior to that, MCJ had been teaching him how to crawl, and Baby Ian found it funny because he was laughing at his Dad. Also, before rolling over, he can shift himself while on his back by arching his chest and digging his head. He can well haul himself off his bouncinette even strapped. He can't be trusted if left alone.

***He grabs and eats anything in his hands and close to his mouth.
He can well grab some things now and put in his mouth. He is still using the cradle for his bed and it he can reach both sides with his two hands at the same time and he hangs onto the bars strongly. One day, I found him sucking the bar while lying on his side. :) The problem in this milestone is, we can't find a teething ring that doesnt have rough edges or any toy that is round and wont hurt him. Most toys that we saw also have fluffy animals attached to them. Hummmm.

***He talks alot.
He cooed a lot when he was two months but these days he is sooo engaging. He talks a lot, as in really conversing with you. When he's eating and wanted to be burped or just having a break, he would look at me and smile and then "talk". He is very appreciative too. He would giggle when you pick him up or just play with him.

Hayyyy, I can talk endlessly about him but he's now awake and playing "feet-up" with his Dad - also a bit whingy. His ears might be burning. :)


dangkin said...

wow! ilang buwan palang at nag-iipin na?? special nga! :-)

at nagko-crawl na rin? special talaga! =)

ang galing naman ni bubba... baka wala pang isang taon yan e, maglalakad na yan ers?

hugs to the big guy! :-)

Sreisaat said...

Great! In no time at all, he'll be running around the house. Grabe, ang bilis ng development niya. You should be prepared to chase him around the house!

Mich said...

wow, he's already teething! galing! mahirap nga na stage yan, but at least he can eat early kse maaga sya nagkaron ng teeth. :)