Friday, November 23

The First Solid

Ian showed signs that he was ready for solid even before he turned 4 months. And the naughty Daddy would let him lick the spoon when we were eating ice cream which Ian loves. One time, I was eating junk food while sending him off to sleep, he was shifting his look from the packet to my mouth and to my hands. After a while, he cried because I wasn't sharing to him. Waaaaa! I have to stop eating. From then on, we are hiding when we eat junk food.

He is now four months plus and is really ready to eat solids. He can sit and with the help of his bumbo (the chair) feeding is quite easy.

I started to give him baby rice cereal two days ago - one teaspoon first and increased it the next day. He is a garbage guts, slurped down faster a teaspoon of cereal. He loves it and wouldn't let the spoon away from his mouth. If I do, he'll quickly replace it with his thumb or sometimes scream.

On the first day, the very novice Mummy took the spoon out of his hand and there was really a big screaming match. He can't be settled down until he had booby juice. Then, it happened again yesterday during his lunch. His cry sounded like he was really hurt or deprived of something. Gahibubun-ot gid.

I'm also giving him diluted diluted pear juice - pantulak. And I'm very happy as he had learned the art of drinking from the bottle. He drunk more than 100mls from the bottle for the first time.

I'm excited of the prospect of giving him other solids in the coming month.

*will take photos on the next feeding session


dangkin said...

time flies so fast... 4+ months na pala si bubba... pwede na pala sya umuwi dun sa probinsya :) happy feeding!