Friday, November 16

A Tribute to a Friend

I was blog-hopping and landed on her blog more or less two years ago. She wrote from the bottom of her heart and I learned a lot reading from her posts, that I left my footprints in her blog. We exchanged emails for sometime. Learned that she and MCJ shared the same passion - poetry among others. We became friends.
She wrote politically-inclined posts, she was good in art, and a very passionate woman. She found out this year that she has cancer - on its terminal stage. I admire her positivity in life. She lived her life to the fullest.
Our last emails was after I gave birth. We shared stories - she's a very open and kind-hearted soul.
Today, I checked her blog and found out that she passed away last Nov 14 - her son updated her blog.
I lost a friend in her. *sniff*
Our condolences to her family.
Brooks, may your soul rest in peace. I love you, friend!