Saturday, November 17

My Sense of Fashion

I'm really thankful that jeans were created in the 1920's.. and I think that was the birth of women wearing jeans, not just men. I couldn't imagine in these days and age for women to wear heavy and bulky dresses just like in the medieval period. I know that clothing comes with the age and time - with the generation and I think the invention of different types of clothing comes with a purpose. Think of yourself going to work in the office, driving a car wearing petticoats and corsets underneath your lovely gown everyday. Oh, silly me... you wouldn't fit in the driver's seat, Im sure. I remember one episode of M*A*S*H (an old tv series of caucasian military doctors assigned in Korea - I love this) where one Korean lady worked in their farm, plowing and all, wearing long dress. Oh well, you get used to what's available.