Saturday, November 17

Belly belly!

I gave birth 4 months ago and yet I still have a jelly belly. I'm not really sure when a breastfeeding Mum will loose it but they said, it would be faster. Then, what's wrong with me? Hah! I just eat a half more serving of what I used to when I was not pregnant - well, I need it because of Baby Ian feeding from me. Okay, justified. :) But how about my binge eating of sweets? Yeah, I developed a sweet tooth after I gave birth. It's one of the major changes that I feel after having Baby Ian. I'm cutting on it (sometimes) but I still eat other junk food. They're yum! Plus I don't do tummy exercises yet. I do lots of walking everyday, yeah.. pushing the pram, also. In due time, I'm going to have a tight belly and tums and I don't have to use exercise equipment to achieve them. Just a bit of discipline and religious exercise. When? Not today, though. :) It's weekend and it means binge eating (again) of some fast foods.