Sunday, November 11

Something you might need?

MCJ's parents want to sell Brual (the boat) but no one in their circle of friends have an interest. They told MCJ to try selling it to ebay but we all know that if you haven't try to sell anything yet, you can't put reserve on your item so anybody can bid as low as a cent and get to sell it at that price if nobody else's put a higher bid. I was thinking of selling other products first, then maybe if they get sold, we can then try selling Brual. But how much effort do we need to put inorder for the boat to find another home? Oh well!

I know there are other ideas. How about setting up your own online store? Yeah, we've consider that since we're growing bonsai plants, we might as well do an online business. Actually, we've contacted a web designer and hosting enterprise to do it, almost a year ago.

Anyway, if you're like us who wants to create an online store (which is wide spread now), you might want to consider to procure a complete ecommerce software that will manage your website and online business such as ashop. Their shopping cart software features and design allow you to build 'top shelf' online stores for only a small monthly investment. You can check it out for yourself.