Saturday, November 10

What I want for Christmas?

The season of gift giving is very near. I'm sure most people are now playing Santa - making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice. Some would be flat out shopping at the last minute - I don't like to cram but sometimes, I do like shopping like a mad crow because it's really fun. The organized some might have started buying gifts for loved ones at the first day of "ber" month. Some would just opt to shop online - I might be one of them - been browsing on the net lately for retail therapy. But as I've mentioned, I don't want any gift for Christmas, except of course if somebody would give me a diamond fruit cake. :) Yup, not just diamond rings - have them already, but diamond fruit cake (see my previous post). Ain't I have an expensive taste? Nah, I just see to it that whoever might want to give me a gift, he can't afford it. lol.