Friday, November 16

Europe By Road

I love travelling by road. Apart from the fact that you can sight-see, you can stop and have a rest anytime you want and then visit the places that may or may not be in your itenirary. MCJ wants to show me the whole Australia by road when we have time and our budget allows us. I am sooo looking forward into it.

I also wanna see Europe. I think I've mentioned that nth times already. And what a better way it is to see places than by road? I gather that you need an EU issued driver's license inorder to drive in the streets of Paris, London, Berlin, etc. If you're travelling with your own car, the insurance policy will automatically cover the minimun CTP required by law. Road safely and speed limits are almost the same here, so I guess adhering to their law is not that hard, eh? Besides, MCJ is really a law abiding citizen, how much more if we're in a foreign land?

When it comes to accomodation, I guess it's not hard to find one as Hotels in Paris, Hotels in London, Hotels in Berlin are lining up in tourist areas. You just have to take your pick.

Just some of the images of hotels: