Friday, November 9

Our Internet Connection

One habit that I have that MCJ doesn't like is leaving the internet browser open without care what was in it. He said banner ads eat up chunks of our traffic data limit. I know that but sometimes, I have leave everything as it as I still have plan to go back to what I was doing and more imperative reason is, Baby Ian had been crying his lungs out. I have a carefree attitude about it because I know also that we have an unlimited traffic data. With that, I sometimes feel privileged.

Our initial contract with the broadband provider was for two years with unlimited traffic data. It expired recently and MCJ upgraded the contract with the same fee, same unlimited traffic data but with a faster broadband connection. This consideration is really more for my blogging activities. lol. He uses the good computer these days for his bookwork and I get to use the crappy one, so with a faster internet connection, I can still grab more opps. Talking of a supportive husband. Despite this favor for me, I still have more wishes when it comes to computers and connection. Now, that's the hard to please me talking. :)