Wednesday, November 21

Good Walk Ruined

The last time MCJ played golf was ages ago.. lol. It was actually during our honeymoon. We were staying at a resort with 18-hole golf course but only ended up playing 9-hole as we started after 1PM. Imagine how much below the par were we going? Don't try to make figures because I can't remember them anymore. Actually, we didn't plan for it and he didn't have golf shoes but I think the green was too alluring not to have a little dip of the good walk ruined sport. Plus the view... the view was awesome. We ended up renting shoes though. In our week stay there, playing golf was the highlight I think, though we were at a prestine beach. MCJ got sick for two days - yeah you read it right, sick in our honeymoon. Hopefully, the next time we visit the place, playing golf would be on our itenirary plus roaming the island.