Monday, November 19

Just a Nice Look Will Do!

Our garage flooring or sorts isn't really nice to look at. Oh bugger, not really nice at all. :) I would love to have it looked neat and new. I wish, I wish, I wish. Should it be in the plan to do next, I would have it look like this:

Or somewhat like that. But really, as long as it looks neat and nice, it'll do.

Also, our laundry flooring needs some glue to stick it firmly to the concrete. Every time I sweep it, some dust creeps under the tiles. Grrrrr. I have to redo my work over and over again. It is time wasters especially if you are chasing your time because you won't know when the Big Guy will wake up or when will he get bored. :) We have plans, yeah.... good plans, so hopefully!