Sunday, November 11

Do your homework!

Some regret for having credit cards because they can't control themselves spending too much and end up buried in debt. Well, that's all true and possible as credit card is a necessary evil. But if you have self control, credit cards can be your friend when you're in need. Imagine if you don't have a credit card and you need to buy a medicine that you really need yet you don't have any cash in your wallet?

As most things have, owning a credit card has its pros and cons. The best thing to do is, before applying for one know if there are charges when you get stuck in paying aside from the interest. Also, choose the one with lowest interest rate. Sometimes those that have rewards have a high interest rate - decide which one is important to you. It pays to do your homework inorder to have the best credit cards available. Also, after doing some research and found out that there are better credit cards available than what you have already, consider balance transfers. Some banks or institution offer an interest free 6months for it. That could be a big savings.

So far, in our family.. credit cards have been a big help.. and the rewards that we've earned had flewn us several times, even business class.