Thursday, November 22

The Fall

Mitch said this in her comment in my previous post:
Buti hindi nalaglag!

That day he didn't, the next day.. he did (fell off his bouncy). :)

It was late in the afternoon and I was preparing his bath and his stuff. I had my back to him and I might have spent too much time choosing which clothes he'll wear and some casual glance to the telly (MASH was on) that the next thing I know he was already on the floor on his tummy - sort of like rolled-over from his back. I didn't hear any 'tug' or cry from him though. I picked him up hurriedly, scared that he might have broken his ribs but fortunately not. He actually laughed, seems everything was funny. Iwas relieved. I didn't put him down again.

Lucky though, he was playing with his chuck-up cloth (terry towelling type) that it cushioned his little body from getting smashed to the floor. Oh dear. I haven't learned my lessons well because I still put him on his bouncinette sometimes and left him for a second or two. :)


Mich said...

oooh, don't worry Era it really happens, i guess to all babies! LOL! At least he didn't cry, it just means that he's ok and he wasn't hurt. ;)

mitch said...

Iiiks! But yeah, mich is right. As long as hindi naman siya umiyak at nasaktan, he's fine. Tsaka hindi din naman mataas yung nalaglagan nya. My kids both fell from the bed when they were between 3 - 4 mos old. Na-miscalculate ko na hindi pa sila makakagapang, but they did and off the bed they fell. But both times, parang mas naiyak sila dahil nagulat -- napasigaw ata kasi ako nung nakita ko sila sa floor, e. Hehehe.