Sunday, November 25

New Leadership

That's the slogan of one of the political parties here and that party won, defeating the party in government.

It was polling day yesterday. The casting of votes was done so swiftly that by 11PM, it was already clear who is the winner.

Australia now have new people in the government.

I've mentioned before that I was not into politics and I am still not. I am just a bystander and learning how election in a federal government is done. But the television has been monopolized by it that I don't have a choice but to watch. I actually told MCJ that we should put a movie on and just switch sometimes to check how is it going but he said, it just happens once in three years, so I conceded just like the ex prime minister. :)

But boy, I was soo affected by the results. Our household is pro-government and with the party holding it losing this election, it was devastating.

The election thoughts was drowned by a late night movie that made me went to sleep at 2am yet it was futile. Election thoughts had been running in my mind that everytime I tossed, there was a voice whispering in my head. I don't know if I have any sleep at all. I am tired and sleepy now but I can't get any sleep either.

When I turned on the telly this morning, I was expecting an MTV show but nah, the channel that used to aired that said program was into politics again. Arggghhhh!

Hay, hopefully.. with me blogging about it will help me not think of anything about it. But I'm sure, it would take days as the telly would be infested by the new government reports. Actually, there a press conference for the new PM (the first) just this lunch and we watched it. :D