Wednesday, November 28

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Having a telephone system that works right for your business plays a big part for smooth operation. The telephone system that we have used to be a big part in running the business especially that, work area were scattered. Intercom was set-up two in the office, one in the front area, two at the back and one at home. We are just in a small business sector and a phone system like this really helps. You don't have to step out the office if you want to call in somebody, just ring the line of the area where that person is and he gets the message. Also, the phone system has a PA feature so when the person that you want to see is not close to any of the telephone, just page him and he'll know that he is wanted. And a big use for us, we used it to monitor our Big Guy when we are not at the house.

out telephone system looks like this

Neobits has a wide range of a telephone system like what we have. The brand that we have is Nec and it offers that too apart from talkswitch, bizfon, panasonic, atlas, and more. Actually, it offers 15 brands for businesses composed of 2 to 250 users.

Apart from telephone system, Neobits also offers dial tone and broadband internet to various type of businesses. I think, its customers were all happy campers as the testimonials were on positive note.