Thursday, November 22

My "Style"

I like hard wood furnitures especially those that look vintage. Yet, I am very fussy with styles. Many times I've told MCJ that if we're going to buy some more home furnitures, it would be the style that I want. I don't really fancy intricate designs but I go with practical designs such as those that are easy to dust-off or trouble-free to clean under - provides enough space for the duster, vacuum or broom to get under it. That's one of my frustrations in cleaning as you might think that everything is dust-free and clean but when you peek at the bottom of your furnitures, dust has been lurking in there. I get annoyed to clean them as the smallest duster won't fit some of them. MCJ remarked though that we're not going to buy anymore, rather make them to fit my specifications and standards. That's better. But I reckon, my style would be available in some furniture stores like Bush Furniture and other Australian home stores.