Thursday, November 22

My Old Files

When I resigned from my job, I took with me all my files - no exception, even what are in my favorites folder. I planned to buy a usb flash drive but because I am stingy, I didn't. My reasons were practical though, my files wont fit in one, well if it is 1GB it will but how much would it cost me? I don't know, as I didn't bother to check. Another reason was, I wont really be using the files again daily. I just took them with me for back-up incase I got the same job with the previous. I used CD and I think, there are at least 5 that I've used up. I planned to transfer the files in MCJ's pc though because we might misplace the CDs (I think Ive already misplaced one). Our computer has more than two drives, some might have Dell memory, I'm sure it can accomodate more file. Hopefully I can do that sometime.