Wednesday, November 7

Safe Toys?!

Toys help a lot in the development of children even at a young age. Sometimes they can be the best buddy when Mummy and Daddy are busy. They can also encourage kids to be independent early on in life.

But how sure are we that the toys we bought are safe for our kids, given that we consider the size not to choke our loved ones, the surface not to cut their skin, the weight not to burden them too much, etc?

Just yesterday or so, the Australian 2007 Toy Of The Year, includes "magic beads" containing a chemical that when swallowed converts into fantasy - a date rape drug was banned in some states here. As of today, there were three casualties in children who swallowed them. Common symptom is the victim falling commatose.

A few months ago, Mattel had to recall a Fisher - Price Chinese-made toys because they may contain excessive amounts of lead paint or had small magnets that could easily be swallowed by children.

These incidents really scare me. However you may protect your children, they still are not safe with those stuff that you buy with good intentions.

We haven't bought much toys for Baby Ian yet.... and I am very adamant to do so in the future. You can't be certain what is safe or not. Oh well, Baby Ian will just suffice with Daddy and Mummy playing with him for now. It is more educational than playing with toys. :P


Mich said...

yeah, you're right kakatakot na tlaga mga toys ngayon. ako I would invest in books na lang tapos yung toys I would rely na lng on gifts from my family and friends hehehe...

Sreisaat said...

Ayyy, I love Baby Ian's smile here... pilyong-pilyo ang dating. It seems like he knows something that we don't know :D
That's right, play with Mummy and Daddy muna.