Wednesday, November 14

The Tube!

Our television is very ancient, I think it is more than 10 years old.. and it doesn't have a remote. Jurassic indeed! Somebody who bought it, didn't get a remote because it cost $50.. grrrr! Very scrooge. :) Yet, it is very reliable. We still get a very good picture and color. The only thing that I complain is, it is huge, bulky, call it whatever but it is occupying big space in the cabinet, plus all the wires for other stuff (vcr, set top box, etc) so it we can use remote to operate the tv. If only we have a plasma or lcd type tube, then I would wish to have a tv mount so we can save more space. We might move the cabinet that we're currently using because it is also big. Yeah, home theatre system with plasma tv is on our list of things to buy.