Wednesday, November 28

Un-lucky Week

I'm not sure if I'm cursed or I'm just a dag, but this week has been an un-lucky one for me.

Yesterday morning, I hurt myself with the screw at one point of Ian's cot. I know that it has been there, I actually warned MCJ to be careful because that side is where he passed when he goes to his side of the bed. Little did I know that the warning was for myself. My left elbow has a small cut now.

Today, after making the bed I did a little clean-up of the stuff that were not in their proper place. I picked-up a sharp shard of glass (MCJ broke a coffee cup). It wasnt pointed but sharp that it cut my right index finger. Blood was oozing out my finger that it scared me. The cut was not as big as what is in my elbow but it bled more.

It's just the careless me - not aware of something that may cause harm. I should really be alert always and take note of stuff that will hurt anybody especially when our Big Guy starts to go out of his bed un-aided. I know, it's just all common sense but when you're not used to doing things a certain way, your common sense doens't work, or is it just me? lol.


dangkin said...

ang nanay nga naman.... :P