Thursday, November 22

I am Wanted

For weeks I really haven't got any decent opportunity from payu2blog. I'm not worried though. Then yesterday, unexpectedly I found that I have 5 new opportunities. I was thrilled of course and who wouldn't? It means more moolah. Then I noticed that there is a small star next to the opportunities - that is something new. I was curious what was it. I tried to click on it but there is no response and then when I oppened to opps, this is what it means:
The sheriff is looking out for you. You have been given an extra assignment. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Yayyyyy! Have I really been working hard? Maybe because I haven't declined any opps from them. I read an email months ago that there are bloggers who do - they might be out of their mind. Or maybe, the opps are not related to their blogs.

But I am happy that they noticed me. :D