Sunday, November 11

Travel with them!

There is a travel show here that I really like to watch every Friday night. Like most travel show, it transport you to the place that they're presenting while seated in your couch but there's really this "it" factor that the show is different, for me. It makes your mind wander and wonder at all the amazing places that they visit and you're mind is working on your trip on that place. Plus this show covers tourist destination all over the world and at the same time somewhere close to home or at home.

Apart from transporting you to the scenic places, it also shows the place where they stayed and the accomodations available in the place like Prague Hotels, Rome Hotels, Barcelona Hotels (noticed the places I've mentioned? I would want to visit there in the future), even giving tips which has the best offer. Sometimes, they also ran a promotion for the viewers to win a holiday package. It's really cool.

Add the fact that I like the presenters. Some has this aura of friendliness, of showing personal touch on anything that they do. The others have carefree attitude (especially the males). Hummm, I've been raving about them already. Gosh!