Wednesday, November 7

Gambling for Fun

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup. Some claimed, it has stopped the nation. I reckon yes, because even how busy MCJ was, he was following the races online and when the highlight of the day was coming - he was actually counting down - he stopped what he was doing and plumped himself infront of the telly.

He was rooting for Purple Moon. It was leading all along but another horse swept past through it in the last 100m, taking the lead. Purple Moon took the second place, not bad I reckon as the favorites of most flanked 8.

Okay, he bet on it... not big, just for fun. Reminds me to cash the ticket on our next doctor's appoinment for Ian.


Talking of gambling and playing online, MCJ in his spare time play online poker in a pacific poker room. I don't know what's with it but he'd been playing there eversince. I found out in though that it Pacific Poker is one of the first online poker rooms and has been operating since 1996.

Mac Poker features a guide to Mac online poker sites on the internet and reviews of where to play online poker for Macintosh OS and Mac compatible poker downloads. I think it is cool as it is specially designed for a certain type of OS. There are also poker rooms that you don't have to download to play. I guess this is compatible for my personal OS. lol. I don't like doing extra work.