Sunday, November 11

It's Bingo Night

When I was working I don't look forward to Sunday night as it means, Monday the next day.. in less than 12 hours, I'll be getting dressed for work and sometimes it means, I have to iron my clothes to be used for the next 6 days.

Now, that I don't work and have a baby, I look forward to everyday as I know, Baby Ian will show another trick, something new.

But for the last three Sunday nights, the whole family is looking forward to it as it is Bingo Night. Nah, we don't go to the club to play Bingo. We stayed at home in our pajamas, sometimes crouching on the couch, at times cooking pizza for dinner. We are playing along the tv show, National Bingo. There are studio players for three games but homeviewers can watch and play along. We download our cards online from the channel's website. Homeviewers can win $100 and a chance of $10,000. How cool is that? We really had fun always. What a better way to spend Sunday night especially in a wet weather?! :)

Btw, won't stay online much longer as it will start in less than 30 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Go Bingo!

Mich said...

wow, bingo sounds cool on a Sunday night. I used to dread Sunday nights too, even Sunday afternoon since I know that I will working on the next day. But now, I still dread sometimes and always thinking if I could have a day off. :)