Thursday, November 8

For the loved ones

Do you know how important it is to have Term Life insurance? I know you will not be the one who will benefit from it because, you'll already be 6 feet below the ground but it will be your loved ones. Yes, I think it is synonymous to "loved ones insurance". :) It will help those that you will leave behind, especially if you have kids who are still in school, mortgage to pay and other household expenses not to mention the expenses that the family will incur during the death. But be sure to leave a will so the money that you've sweat out for the insurance will not go to somebody.

Talking of will, MCJ made his when I was still his fiance and I was part of it already, but then the wife automatically became the beneficiary. Hummmm... I'm always joking about it.

If you haven't got term life insurance and you've got a family, you might want to consider a family insurance.. that way you're saving money on Life Family Plan Premium. It's not too late you know. We all know that death is certain, so preparing for tomorrow is not really praying for the un-wanted.