Thursday, November 8

Better Parent?

I'm a first time Mum and they said, you just have to trust your instinct on anything that you don't really know when it concerns your baby. Yeah, I very much agree but it pays to have a little knowledge or to have somebody or something that you can turn to. My MIL is very helpful - she was a nurse. I can't really rely on my mother because she's back in the Philippines but I know I can count on her anytime. MCJ said, it would be nice for me to learn from my experience but hey.. I can't take experiment on my child.

There are just times that books, magazines and the internet come in very handy. I learn from my experience as well as from other Mums too. I may not be able to face all the challenges that other Mums did, but with their tips... I know what to do when it is my time. Plus, medical experts' opinion and studies' results are very beneficial. I can surf the net the whole day when it comes to my baby's health and development - a care home style. And thanks for the those sites that cater especially for such topics.