Thursday, November 22

Plans for Next Year

Our Little Boy is still young but at the rate time flies, it wouldn’t be long until his 1st birthday. MCJ and I have been talking of going back the RP if things happened the way we want and expected – I’m really crossing my fingers on this. And I am planning on my mind to time the vacation on Ian’s 1st birthday. What a better way it is to introduce a new addition to our family to the ‘tribe’ than on his birthday? I think that’s a good idea. Plus celebrating parties back to my parents’ place doesn’t entail lots of preparation. You only need enough budgets to feed everybody within the barangay, the rest will be taken cared of by them even without you asking. They volunteer themselves. The beauty of this is, you can scratch off the cost of kids party invitations from your budget among other things. I’m sure if would be fun.