Tuesday, November 13

The Big Needles

I dread the day that Ian will have his shots from the many that's lining up. First, I can't look at him getting pricked and yelping after. Then the most, running a temperature and feeling the pain of the shots. As a Mum, you can't help to feel sorry for your child plus the fact that you have limited ways on how to help lessen the pain - it really twists my heart.

Yesterday, Ian had his second dose of four vaccines (can't remember what are they). The experience was a tad better than two months ago. Yesterday, we were able to do some shopping after the visit to the GP. I gave him paracetamol after his feed then he went to sleep. He just started to whine when I was feeding him again after he woke up. But the whinging didn't last long. The family just went for a walk and then I feed him again soon after. Then he was all smiles again. I gave him another dose of paracetamol before going to sleep as he's running a temperature. We cooled him down - tapping wet cloth on his head. He had his usual night sleep but Mummy didn't.

I was sleeping like a chicken, noticing every sound he and MCJ made. I was not worried but I just wanna be awake incase he made any noise of uncomfort. Good heavens, he didn't. Still I didn't get to sleep until the wee hours in the morning.

I took his temperature this morning and it was 39 degree celcius - I know it's too high so we cooled him down again, stripped his pjs.

So far, the whinging is just the usual and his fever had gone down.


dangkin said...

those needles! i hate those, too! but i have no choice.. can't count anymore how many i got since i arrived here.. but i think it really helps co'z i haven't got seriously sick ;)

hope he's better now... :-)