Thursday, November 8

Diamond Fruit Cake

I don't want any gift for Christmas, but when I saw this diamond fruit cake, I want to have one. :)
The most gorgeous and the most expensive cake that I have ever seen in my life is the Diamond fruit Cake, costing $1.65 million. Yes, I am excited enough to write about could have guessed it from my tone.

This cake, which is scheduled to be displayed on Friday, is created by a Tokyo pastry chef. Six months of incredible thinking for that incredible design and one month to materialise it, this cake is studded with 223 small diamonds and the rest of the cake is edible. This cake is up for sale on Christmas.

It is not only the most expensive cake in the world, I bet it is also the most expensive food in the world. Apart from the 223 diamonds, I guess what the ingredients might be, whatever it is it must be as rich and luscious as the diamonds.

This is a masterpiece in Food Art and it will be exhibited in the seventeen diamond-related designs in an exhibit called “Diamonds: Nature’s Miracle.” The chef is wise enough, not to disclose the ingredients, but I am still wondering about a lot many things. A couple of them are, the implementation of the design, the procurement of diamonds and the ingredients of the cake. The biggest question mark is over the Mr.or Miss so and so, whose single Christmas purchase, cannot match the expenses of a one month lavish Christmas Shopping.



Mich said...

oh my, this fruit cake looks great! I LOVE fruit cakes, kaya lang pamahal ng pamahal na sya dito sa Pilipinas at paliit na ng paliit. (*sigh*)