Saturday, December 29

Letting Go

MCJ has an old car that had been running two years ago, after an engine overhaul. Then it broke down and another overhaul on something need be done. He was planning on doing it because this car for some reason has a sentimental value to him. But he hasn't got the time to do it just yet. The car looks vintage as it is a bit long compared to the new models and it doesn't have car spoilers (one at the back and the air dam at the front).

Then, one of the sparkies that he contracted to do the undergound wiring saw it and showed interest on buying it. This man is currently restoring more than two old cars. It might be his passion.

So, he offered to buy it for a grand. MCJ could make more than that if he'll chop the car off or he'll restore it himself but he just hasn't got the time. Anyway, it's still good money for us. The sparkie had made a deposit on it and will pay the remaining next year.