Friday, December 14

Heaps of Ideas

I was given an opportunity in my pro-blogging that I was not familiar of lest I don't know how to pronounce. :) So I asked MCJ about it, speaking it incorrectly and he got heaps of ideas about tonneau cover. The first thing he said about it was you can found it in the ute (pick-up truck for some) and we don't have a ute so that explains my lack of idea. I thought, it might be some sort of tarpauline and I told him that we have that but he said no. And went on explaining that it is a vinyl material but not similar with tarp. Then he mentioned that the latest trend is a fiber glass one that looks like a boot of a car. Wow! That's big leap from a material that you hooked up to the sides at the back of a ute. By the way, tonneau cover is the cover at the back of a pick-up truck or ute.