Thursday, December 20

Something for Him

I bought MCJ a watch (just a cheapo one) last year for our wedding anniversary. Just like the one that he had, it didn't last long - not really totally broken but the strap snapped. Now, he's got no watch.

I've been thinking of what will I give him this Christmas. I reckon he doesn't need anymore clothes but I know one thing that he will like, a Battle Star Gallactica complete series DVD. But seeing he has no watch and I think he needs one, I might convince him to buy one. I've been calculating mentally if my blogging money can afford to buy him one. If not, well... well.. well.. there are ways. I'm not planning to buy him a Girard Perregaux watch. Just something practical - big enough that he can see the time without wearing glasses and durable enough to last a year. :)