Tuesday, December 18

The Coolest Christmas in 5 Years?

According to the news, if the weather prediction is right.. this Christmas will be the coolest one in 5 (or is it 7?) years. Are you thinking of below zero degree temperature? Sometimes, I wish - actually a white Christmas, but nah! Christmas in down under is summer time. The coolest that the weather bureau was saying is around 28 degrees celcius. The coolest, huh! For somebody who grew up in a tropical country, when I say coolest.. I mean of snow falling on the ground, and I can make snowballs or snowman or meet snow plough man or maybe donning a winter outfit like that of volcom clothing.

But for the past two years now, I've been on singlet and shorts and thongs. I don't know this coming Christmas, where the weather and our car (or the lack of it) would take us (our car needs servicing). What I'm sure is, the shores and beaches will be packed. I hope, we'll be part of the beach mob.