Thursday, December 20


We haven't done our Christmas shopping yet. It's not that we want to join the cramming and mad crowd by leaving it too late but we just haven't got the time. I mean, MCJ hasn't got the time, and I don't know how to drive - so I'm stuck and at his mercy.

Normally, he can be a slack on weekends but the previous was one of the exceptions. He had been helping the sparkies digging trenchies for the underground electric wiring and laying them out. It took them almost two days. Then before weekend, a load of plants came from Tasmania, that needs unloading and unpacking. Come Sunday, they need to layout cables for the sprinklers at the back. And much more... that I don't know them.

We planned on going tonight, it's Thursday night market. By the way, malls here close at 5PM normally. But I was being a "bitch" according to him that he won't take me out shopping anymore, that's what he said last night. I don't know if he had changed his mind. If he wont, I'll just splurge online then. (I'm being a bitch again. :D)