Saturday, December 1

Baby Books, Christmas, New Look

I was planning to subscribe for baby books here. I found an insert in the magazine that I bought two months ago - the store has a promo sort of like buy two get two free with days trial. It was a very attractive offer - not so dear, I reckon compared to the prices of baby books that I saw in some stores. It was two months ago when I liked the offer. I haven't made a move. I was not stalling yet I'm not in a hurry either.

Then yesterday, I was able to drop by the second hand book shop - I've been wanting to for months now, to check if there are second hand baby books available. I don't mind buying second hand books as long as they're recent series and in good condition. Look here, $6 for four books. Not bad eh!

But I'm still thinking of subscribing for some baby's first book. The offer is still standing.

I tried to read to our Big Guy this morning and I can't even finish one page. He wanted to flip the pages himself. He likes the noise that flipping and crumpling papers make. As a matter of fact, that's his new toy. :)) If he'll carry-on like this for years, we won't spend a penny for a toy! Whooppeeeee! Talking of a scrooge Mummy. lol.


It's December! It's my third in OZ but I can't really feel the yuletide season. Maybe because it's hot? I wish of a white Christmas. I wish I'm home - not that there is snow there. :)
There wont be any decor at home. I want to get away on the day - if I get lucky!
Black is beautiful, they say! So, I succumb to it, hence the new look. This is a big change for me who loves light colors - but Im loving it!


Unknown said...

your baby is sooo cute!

new layout pala dito...hehehe...nice!

i'm still thinking of xmas decor...parang tamad din yata akong maglagay...sabagay di naman pinagsi celebrate dito ang xmas...