Thursday, June 28

I Was Thinking... uhmmm!

I love this tag from Mitch and Mitch. I don't know pero bigla akong kinilig. Hehehe!

What Were You Thinking when you first met your current main squeeze? (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!)

Like some others, I met MCJ in the wild wild web so for me there were three instances that I've met him.

First, was when I saw his profile. I admit, I was the one who actually made the first move so we can get in touch. :) And what was I thinking? Because MCJ posted a very long (84 stanzas) emotional poem that he composed himself, it then occured to me that he's very romantic and emotional(which is not common to all men).

Next, was when I first heard his voice over the phone. That was when he asked my permission if he could at least court me even without seeing me first. I was in a very crowded hotel and eating dinner. Lots of what he said were a blurr to me. What I can only remember was he told me what he was doing while talking on the phone. He was on his right knee with the bible ontop of it and his right hand. I thought, this guy must really be spiritual and a full-gospel. I believed him when he said that because he had proven it. Almost all of his points driven were supported by bible passages.

Third, was when I met him eye-to-eye for the first time. It was his first time in the Philippines and he fully trusted me that he made no further research about the place, where to stay and what-have-yous, so I met him at the airport. There were two people following him, towing his luggage. Those guys were, you know who they "are" (we have to pay them just for helping MCJ cross the road). We just looked at each other and said "hi". He was quiet and an obvious face of a curious man, looking around and noticing what others were doing. It crossed my mind that he's a snob. Hehehe.

While I was huggling with the two guy of how much are we going to pay for the rented car, MCJ piped-in "you can't argue with her, she always wins"... I then laughed. First impression vanished to far away land. :) I thought, this guy can make me laugh in tough times.. and he always did!

Now, I'm keeping the ball rolling by tagging Mitch, Dangkin, Arlene and anybody who wants to do this thingie.

Thanks Mitch! I had fun reminiscing.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Lucky ka kung ganun! Hangswit huh! ;-)

Mich said...

awww, what a sweet story! oh, i got tagged! sige, will do it soon. :D