Sunday, March 30

2 & 5

It is recommended to eat fruit and veggies to maintain good health. An adult needs to eat at least 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of veggies. Do you eat all these everyday?

I always have a question in my mind what serves mean. I sometimes put it this way, I can eat two types of vegetables made into 5 serves and one fruit with two serves.

Well, that's just me.

But as it is put, serves are the different types of veggies and fruit with the exact amount of a serve. So, I need to have 5 different veggies and two different fruit.

As much as possible, we follow this rule but at times, it could just be 4 veggies. We usually only have veggies for dinner as lunch would be sandwiches with veggies sometimes and breakfast is bread or cereal. And for a small portion eater like me, 5 serves of veggies in one meal would be too much. But 2 serves of fruit is easy to do. I guess you can substitue fruit with fruit juices but is not always recommended.

Eating fresh fruit and veggies contributes to a good health and keeps us away from sickness.

So, have you had your fruit and veggies today?