Friday, March 21

Friends Is Still On

Mcj woke up very early this morning and tried to look up the net if there will be a suitable TV program for Easter. He found out that there's only one, The Passion of the Christ shown at 10.30 tonight.

Most of the daily TV programs were not aired this week because of the Easter season and of course, one could only expect that there would be programs with theme related to the season.

I'm not that disappointed though because Friends is still on.


Remember when Monica bet their apartment to a game against Chandler and Joey and they (she and Rachel) lost it? Good thing though their apartment are just facing each other, they don't have to hire New York Moving Company to transfer their stuff. But the hassle was not about it, it was cleaning the then Chandler and Joey's apartment. Neat freak Monica hasn't slept for two days.