Thursday, March 27

Max It!

I've used the internet soo much to my/our advantage. Sometimes, I feel I'm lost without it. I don't think at all sometimes because I know internet will do the job for me and much better. I know I am not alone in this train of thought.

That's what technology do to us.

When I was in college and even now, I am very dependent to calculator. I don't think deeply and hard even for simple and basic maths. Just bring up the calculator in the computer. We don't own calculator now, but I bet my mother does.

Anyway, another thing that I love in the internet is shopping. Not literally buying stuff but window shopping also. I've fully utilized the net for stuff that I am thinking of buying like searching and reading reviews of that product, checking all the product features, and looking up colours or style available. I also do shopping comparison. This is one of the advantages of internet shopping that I like.