Monday, March 17

In The Playground

It was council election last Sunday, so we decided to go with Mcj to the voting hall. There was a playground at the back, we took Jens there. It was his first time. I was more excited than him I think because there were lots of kids.

There are lots of rides (are they called that?) and he was put first in the wriggley rabbit. He was alright for a few minutes because there were kids playing around but he slipped off and that's when he started to whinge. He was also a bit tired so we took him off there and headed for the swing.

There was a swing fit for (a king, ek) babies, so he was put there. He cried. Really, as if he was hurt - well, I guess normal for babies because he was new to it. We gave him big cuddles to settle him down. When he was in a play mood again, we tried to put him and he was alright. We showed him that we can swing too and he liked it.

If we have time, we might make it a weekend escapade to go there.