Wednesday, March 19

Jens' Favorite TV Shows

It is inherent for kids to love watching cartoons, kids shows, play school, etc. But our Jens is not your ordinary baby. True that colorful characters, particularly red, attract him, it is the sound or the noise (the fast tempo) in the show that catches his attention more than anything else.

This is because, maybe, when he was very young we would play music with fast tempo then dance while holding him. Then sometimes, I would play Ricky Martin's MTV of Livin' La Vida Loca, Cup of Life and Maria when he's around. Plus, I just let him watch telly when he was past 4 months old.

It is difficult to get him to look at the telly during shows like Teletubbies, Sesame Street, Bananas in Pajamas, Elmo, Thomas, etc. - unless there is a music or they are talking lively or there is a colorful object. Or I have to stand infront of the tube to direct him.

But he would look at the tube during M*A*S*H, Friends and Two-and-a-half Men because of the jingle and sound track. Not because he knows that it is funny.

I sometimes flicked through an MTV show and watched a couple of new songs, I found him watching it.

We haven't got DVD of nursery rhymes yet. I realize that we need to buy some for Jens. We've just been buying books and toys because I reckon he can watch telly for rhymes. But that's not the case now. Hummmm.


Speaking of shows and songs, I miss the music that I played when I was working. I had a huge collection. We also got a huge collection of songs now but mostly they're Mcj's favorite, which slowly I'm beginning to like.

Thanks to the internet and generous people though, as we can stream online. And not just listen. For some who really loves , breaths and lives with music, there are websites that specially cater to a type of music that you want plus you can convene with your fellow fanatics - like the rap forum of I visited the site and found out that joining in the club is free.