Thursday, March 13

Me, Me, Me

Tagged by Mitch. Thanks, sistah!

I AM… sleepy but my mind is busy that I can't sleep.

I WANT… a new hairdo!

I HAVE… to make lunch soon.

I WISH… for a laptop with wireless internet connection so I can blog where ever I am. :)

I HATE… and detest maggots. They gave me goosebumps.

I FEAR… unknown.

I SEARCH… I Yahoo! Do you?

I WONDER… for how long can I stay online until my little one wakes up.

I REGRET… that I regret sometimes. :D

I LOVE… my one-and-a-half men!

I ALWAYS… go for quality, comfort and style.

I AM NOT… mad, just explaining (nagpapaliwanag lang).

I DANCE… to make Jens laugh.

I SING… at the top of my lungs when I want to annoy MCJ.

I CRY… when I'm angry!

I WRITE… my shopping list as things that we need came up to my mind.

I WON… nothing yet as I haven't joined any contest until today for this year.

I AM CONFUSED… if what color of nail polish looks good on my toe nails.

I NEED… you and I couldn't live a day without you! *singing*

I SHOULD… be really making lunch now.

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… I want to go to sleep. :)

I'm passing this funny tag to BlogGirl, Thet and Butchay.


Anonymous said...

Naaliw ako hehe! TY sis!