Thursday, March 20

Easter Notes

I had a bit exciting day. I got my own computer to use now - currently using it. It's not really new as this is Mcj's computer that crashed down almost all the time because of the fan problem. He got a new one when this broke down and this had been restored and all. This has also been available for almost a month or two but needs new keyboard and mouse. I got them today. Rechargeable wireless mouse and ergo keyboard. I'm sort of like getting acquianted to the keyboard as the key placement is wee different from the usual. But it is very soft and quiet.


We went to the shop this evening mainly to buy Jens some easter eggs and bunny but we felt dismayed when we get to the confectionary sections as the stuff that we want to buy were not available anymore.

We were planning to buy Jens a bunny toy with egg chocolates and for Mcj a kilo of egg chocolates. Both were sold-out. Instead we got Jens a chocolate bunny and supposedly milk chocolate eggs but I mis-understood Mcj and didn't put the packet on our shopping trolley. Mcj got himself two packets of different flavour chocs to make up a kilo. How piggy can he get. lol. He said, it's his treat as he has been foregoing is usual chocolate coated nuts for almost a year now. Okay... (will post photos of the eggs and bunny soon).


I know this is not the most apt time to talk about debts but for my own reason I want to post about it. I mean, Easter is a time to change - to repent. My point is, if you're in deep financial trouble now, it might be time to contemplate and re-consider your choices in life. You might be able to realize that you have to change lifestyle starting this Easter. The word is fasting and hopefully stay that way until you are out of trouble.

Mcj would always share to me the most clever advice he got from his previous accountant when he asked him what would be the best investment. That is to pay-off debt. Yeah, it would be nice to know that you've got a cash investment or extra cash sitting in the bank but I'm sure you are well aware that the interest you pay for your debt is always much higher than the interest you earn from your investment given equal amounts.

But if you find yourself in neck high of financial dilemna, sometimes bankruptcy is not really the last option. I know somebody who's business is in deep sh*t and lost everything that he owns but hang on until he was out of it because of his belief that somebody he will be able to revive the business plus, he can't afford to have a bad business record. For some, declaring bankruptcy seems to be a very easy option but there is a fallback to this. In our side of the world, you can't put up another business for the next three years after you have declared bankruptcy.

What I really want to share is, as what Easter reminds us, Jesus was risen from the dead so there is always light at the end of a tunnel. There are many options like Debt Management and maybe, refinancing your assets if there are any. I'm just making a metaphor here, and I hope you get my drift. :)


Cielo said...

its a good thing that no files was lost and ur able to restore it, Me... I was really indespair kasi I lost all my files and pics of us for 4 years.sigh sigh.

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